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March 2024 MLS Statistical Report: Real Estate Market Trends

The Real Estate Market at a Glance

In this comprehensive review, we delve into the latest trends and statistics from the real estate market, focusing on key metrics like inventory levels, residential sales, and median sale prices. This analysis covers several regions and aspects, providing insights into the current state of the market.

1. Inventory Trends

Residential and Land Inventory

March 2024 shows a significant increase in inventory compared to previous periods. The data reveals that active residential inventory is up by 14% from the previous month and 58% over the same period last year. Active lots and land inventory have also increased by 1% compared to last year. These figures indicate a positive trend, signaling a growing market.

Inventory Across Multiple Years

A detailed breakdown of inventory levels shows that in March 2024, the total inventory reached 969 units, representing a 28% increase from March 2023, and a 3% increase from 2022. In contrast, total under-contract units saw a sharp decrease, down 18% from 2023 and 22% from 2022. Residential inventory in March 2024 climbed to 563 units, a 58% increase from March 2023, and a 30% increase from 2022. This significant rise in residential inventory suggests a potential cooling of the market or an increased supply.

2. Residential Sales and Median Prices

Residential Sales

Despite the growth in inventory, residential sales are down 9% compared to 2023. This decline is more pronounced in condo sales, which are down 16%, while single-family detached homes experienced a 6% drop. Year-to-date residential sales also indicate a downward trend, with sales in 2024 reaching 178 units, an 8% decrease compared to 2023.

Median Sale Prices

Conversely, median sale prices are on the rise. The median sale price for single-family detached homes has increased by 7% compared to last year, while the median sale price for condos has seen a more significant 12% increase. This price growth suggests that, despite a dip in sales, the demand for residential property remains strong.

3. Distressed Sales and Building Permits

Distressed Sales

Distressed sales remain stable in March 2024, with 2 reported cases, the same as in 2023 but a significant drop from the 7 cases in 2022. However, the inventory of distressed properties has increased by 50% from March 2023 to March 2024, signaling a potential risk area in the market.

Building Permits and Property Value

Building permits provide another interesting angle. The total number of building permits in 2024 decreased significantly compared to 2023, indicating a slowdown in new construction. The total value of building permits in Dare County in 2024 fell by over $4 million compared to 2023, with variations across different areas. For example, while Nags Head and Southern Shores saw permit values increase, other areas like Kill Devil Hills and Duck experienced declines.

4. Regional Variations in the Real Estate Market


In Corolla, the median sales price in 2024 is up by 18% from last year, with a moderate decrease in year-to-date sales, down 3%. Average days on market (DOM) decreased from 62 in 2023 to 61 in 2024, indicating quicker sales.


In Duck, year-to-date sales rose by 24%, suggesting a more robust market. However, the median sales price dropped by 13% from last year, indicating potential volatility in this region. The average DOM also decreased, from 103 in 2023 to 87 in 2024.

Other Areas

In other regions like Southern Shores, Kitty Hawk, and Colington, the trends are mixed. Southern Shores experienced a 12% increase in the median sales price, with year-to-date sales dropping by 15%. Kitty Hawk saw a marginal 1% increase in median sale prices, while Colington experienced a 4% rise. However, sales numbers in these regions have fluctuated.


Overall, the real estate market in March 2024 presents a complex landscape with a mix of positive and negative trends. Inventory levels are rising, but residential sales are declining. Median sale prices are generally on the rise, indicating continued demand. The reduction in distressed sales and building permits suggests market stability but may also indicate a slowing in new developments. Monitoring these trends is crucial to understanding the evolving real estate market.

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