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Outer Banks Real Estate Market Update: January 2024 Snapshot

Trending Insights: Dive into the Latest Numbers on Listings, Days on Market, and Prices

Welcome to our monthly update on the real estate scene in the Outer Banks! January 2024 has brought us some intriguing data on active listings, median days on market, and median listing prices. Let’s delve into the numbers and understand what these trends might mean for buyers and sellers in the area.

Active Listings:

As we look at the graph depicting active listings in the Outer Banks real estate market, it’s evident that the number of homes available for purchase is fluctuating. Following a period of growth in the market, we’re now seeing a slight downturn in the number of homes up for grabs. This could imply that those looking for a home have slightly fewer options than a month ago.

Median Days on Market:

Homes in the Outer Banks area are selling at varying paces. Last summer witnessed a quick selling pace, which has tapered off a bit in the recent months. January indicates that homes are taking a bit longer to sell, a common occurrence during this time of year.

Median Listing Price:

The graph representing the median listing price in the Outer Banks shows a consistent upward trend over the past year, with a peak in the summer. After a slight decline, listing prices are on the rise again, approaching the summer highs. This suggests a stable and resilient market in the Outer Banks.


Experts have recently revised their forecasts for 2024 home prices, expressing even more confidence in a rise. This makes now an opportune time for sellers to enter the market and capitalize on higher sales prices. Whether you’re buying or selling, understanding these trends can be key to making informed decisions in the Outer Banks real estate market.

If you’re considering buying or selling a home in the Outer Banks, don’t hesitate to reach out to our team. We’re here to provide guidance and support as you navigate the ever-evolving Outer Banks real estate landscape.

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