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Buxton Real Estate

Guided by the Lighthouse

Buxton is home to America’s tallest brick lighthouse, the famous Cape Hatteras Lighthouse stands at 208 feet. The museum is open year round but you’ll have to wait for warmer weather to climb to the top! The lighthouse still shines at night and its use still important. The area has been dubbed the name “Graveyard of the Atlantic” for over the centuries has claimed over 3000 ships due to the underwater, constantly changing sandbars. To this day after a strong storm, remnants of these shipwrecks wash ashore.

Buxton is located at the tip of Cape Hatteras is sometimes referred to simply as “The Cape.” It is a popular destination for surfers and fisherman alike as it is the furthest point in the Atlantic Ocean, thus closest to the fish and big waves!

Buxton, like Frisco, is known for its maritime forests which is home to many white-tail deer and other wildlife. And just to the north of Buxton, you can find the “Canadian Hole.” This area is infamously used year-round by extreme water sports enthusiasts for kiteboarding and windsurfing.

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