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Frisco Real Estate

Family Fun in Frisco

Situated between Buxton and Hatteras, Frisco is not a village to be overlooked. Known as Trent until 1898, Frisco has a rich American cultural and military history. The tiny air strip was used by General Billy Mitchell as part of the Army Air Service to test the use of air power to bomb battleship targets in the early 1920s. A stepping stone to the modern United States’s Air Force, the airport is still in operation for private planes.

Frisco is also home to an excavation site of an ancient Native America village and The Frisco Native American Museum is praised by historical buffs for its authentic Native American artifacts and displays.

Frisco, known too for its maritime forests, The Frisco Woods Campground offers a unique camping experience right on the Pamlico Sound! And don’t forget to check out the Frisco pier! While not open to walk on, it is a sight to see the power of the hurricanes and tropical storms that wreak havoc on the island.

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